SEM Capital Advisors

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SEM Capital

Investment management and advisory firm incorporated in 1996

Licensed and regulated by the SEC as Investment Advisor since 2003

Licensed as Pensions Manager by the NPRA since 2012

Rebranded as SEM Capital Advisors Limited since 2018

Our Story

How it all began

SEM Capital Advisors Limited (originally SEM Capital Management Limited) was incorporated in 1996 and received SEC licence as an investment advisor and fund manager in 2003. The company commenced operations in 2004. Initially, the company’s focus was on private wealth management and focused on advising high net worth individuals.

In 2008, the National Pensions Act was passed, and private pension plans were introduced in Ghana. SEM was among the first batch of SEC-licensed fund managers who were registered by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority as Pension Fund Managers in 2012.   

In 2014 SEM decided to expand its investment products through the introduction of three mutual funds namely, SEM Money Plus Fund, SEM Income Fund and SEM All-Africa Fund. In 2018, SEM rebranded by changing its name from SEM Capital Management Limited to SEM Capital Advisors Limited, in order to project our core business of advising both individuals and corporates on investments.

SEM now offers a comprehensive set of investment products that include managed individual and institutional accounts, mutual funds and pension and provident fund management.


What drives us is helping investors achieve the highest and best use of their time and resources by:

  1. Providing creative solutions and investment strategies
  2. Helping clients achieve financial independence
  3. Inspiring trust and confidence
  4. Promoting the highest standards of ethics, education and professional excellence.


To create wealth for clients by providing innovative financial advisory and investment products through a commitment to a high standard of integrity, efficiency and professionalism.


To be a trustworthy partner who provides unbiased advice throughout life’s expected and unexpected events in achieving financial independence.