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SEM Money Plus Fund

A low-risk short-term investment vehicle that provides a high degree of liquidity and an optimised predictable return on your money.

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The SEM Money Plus Fund, an open-end mutual fund, was established on the 4th day of May 2015 with an unlimited duration. 

The Fund invests in short-term money market securities issued by the Government of Ghana, other Ghanaian corporate entities and Bank of Ghana licensed banks and non-bank financial institutions.


It is a highly liquid fund, enabling you to redeem your withdrawal in a few working days.

You get that advantage of earnings above the Treasury Bill rate as well as easy access to your cash.

Responsive Rates:
It may pay higher or lower rates overtime. If you expect rates to rise, keeping your money in an investment that adjusts to the markets might be appealing.

Fund Profile              

Assets Allocation:
100% Money Markets

Fund Type:
Money Market

Front Load:

Recommend Holding Period:

Minimum investment (lump sum):

Minimum monthly contribution:

Risk Profile:

The Custodian

Ecobank Ghana Ltd.

The Fund Manager

SEM Capital Advisors Limited, an SEC-licensed Investment Advisor

Regular Investment Purchases

The minimum investment value is set at GH¢50.

Dividends and Distribution

No dividends shall be paid out to investors. All net investment income and realized capital gains, if any, will be reinvested. Any investor who wishes to cash out his/her investment may redeem their shares as permitted by the Fund.


Shares of the Fund can be redeemed by applying in person at the offices of the Manager or in writing to the Manager on every business day except on public and statutory holidays.

Base Currency

The base currency of the Fund is the Ghana Cedi.

Risk Factors

The Fund is a newly organized Fund that will invest in short-term money market securities. Investments of the Fund will be subject to normal market fluctuations. Investments in securities carry certain risks associated with greater economic uncertainty, small size of markets and greater price volatility.

Key Take Aways


Money market funds invest in highly liquid securities like cash, cash equivalents, and high-rated debt-based securities.


Money market funds offer a high degree of safety because they only invest in highly rated securities.


Money market funds also offer investors higher yields than traditional savings accounts.

Save smart with a Money Plus investment that protects and grows the value of your investment.