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SEM Income Fund

This is a collective investment vehicle with an investment strategy that is centred on building an investment portfolio specifically structured to generate regular income. Regular income can be in the form of dividends, bonds yields and interest payments.

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SEM Income Fund is conservatively managed with a sizeable allocation in low-risk instruments; thus cushioning the portfolio from market volatilities.

SEM Income Fund allows capital preservation and steady capital growth. Capital preservation and growth are one of the anchoring pillars of every investor’s strategy.

With a steady yield, SEM Income Fund has become handy for annuitants, who in a certain time frame would want to withdraw regular income while simultaneously maintaining growth of the investment.

 In line with the age-old adage "Do not put all your eggs in one basket", SEM Income Fund offers diversification, where the risk concentration is evenly dispersed across several asset classes.

Fund Profile      

Asset Allocation:
Fixed Income90% Equity: 10%

Front Load:

Exit Load:
(0-1Yr) 3%, (1-2Yr) 2%

Recommended Holding Period:

Minimum Investment (Lump sum):
GHC50, 00

Minimum Monthly Contribution:

Risk Profile:

The Custodian

Ecobank Ghana Ltd.

The Fund Manager

SEM Capital Advisors Limited, an SEC-Licensed Investment Advisor

Regular Investment Purchases

The minimum investment value is set at GH¢ 50.

Dividends and Distribution

No dividends shall be paid out to investors. All net investment income and realized capital gains, if any, will be reinvested. Any investor who wishes to cash out his/her investment may redeem their shares as permitted by the Fund.


Shares of the Fund can be redeemed by applying in person at the offices of the Manager or in writing to the Manager on every business day except on public and statutory holidays.

Base Currency

The base currency of the fund is Ghana Cedis.

Risk Factors

The SEM Income Fund is considered lower risk than funds that prioritise capital gains. It is a fund that prioritises current income, often in the form of interest or dividend paying investments. The fund invests in bonds and other fixed income securities as well as preferred shares with high yielding dividends

Risk profile for the SEM Income Fund is low. However, do keep in mind that income funds carry credit risk as well as interest rate risk.

Key Take Aways


Conservatively managed with a sizeable allocation in low-risk instruments thus cushioning the investment from market volatilities.


Capital preservation and steady capital growth are anchoring pillars of income fund strategy.


Good for annuitants who  want to withdraw regular income while maintaining growth of the investment.

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