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Ebenezer Barnes

Ebenezer A. Barnes

Ebenezer Barnes is the Chief Executive Officer of SEM Capital Advisors Ltd. His areas of consulting include Strategic Planning, financial management, institutional assessments, project finance, economic research, project monitoring and evaluation, and corporate finance, among others. He has undertaken consulting assignments for bilateral organisations such as the World Bank, Africa Development Bank and institutions such as the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Trade, Bank of Ghana, Ecobank etc.

He is currently serving as the inclusive Financial Sector Advisor for the Canadian High Commission development projects in Ghana. Mr. Barnes has managed several high profile projects such as the Evaluation and Retrofitting of the Gateway project, Development of Monitoring and Evaluation System for the National Private Sector Development Medium Term Strategy for the Ministry for the Private Sector Development and the Development of Strategic Framework for the Presidential Special Initiative. He has also assisted many corporate clients to establish corporate objectives and assess operating risks and to implement risk management systems and procedures.

Mr. Barnes holds an MBA with concentration in Finance and Accounting from the University of Rochester, New York. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Science and Technology, Ghana. He is a member of Chartered Financial Analyst Society of West Virginia, USA.