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Ebenezer Barnes
Chief Executive Officer
Ebenezer Barnes is the Chief Executive Officer of SEM Capital Advisors Ltd. His areas of consulting include Strategic Planning, financial…
Monica Asare
Manager Finance & Administration
Monica is the Head of Finance and Administration at SEM Capital Advisors Limited and a member of the management team.…
Louisa Ampiah
Head of Research & Financial Consultant
Louisa is the Head of Research at SEM Capital Advisors Limited. She holds a Master of Science Degree from Loughborough…
Samuel Kevin Andoh
Marketing Manager
Kevin is the Head of Institutional Marketing at SEM Capital Advisors Limited. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from…
Rita Odamitey
Back Office Administration
Rita is a Fund Administrator at SEM Capital Advisors Ltd and has over 5 years’ experience in fund management. She…
Lydia Owusu
Lydia is a Financial Consultant at SEM Capital Advisors Limited. She holds an MBA in Finance and a Bachelor of…